Frequently Asked Questions...

1.  Is it safe?                                                 

The RktshpTM was designed to be structurally safe, have some crash protection and is excellent in avoidance maneuvers.  It won't fall over or down, and you don't have to man handle it.  The RktshpTM was built to perform in a safe manner.  

"The actual safety is dependent on operator usage, skill and good judgment. Circumstances beyond your control are most certainly beyond our control.  Always drive friendly." Anderson Dynamics

2.  Do you have to wear a helmet?                                                 

In California yes, but each state is different, check with your local authorities.

3.  Is the RktshpTM classified as a motorcycle?                                         

Yes, in the state of California anything with three wheels is classified as a motorcycle allowing you to drive in the HOV lanes with one person, a helmet is required but not a motorcycle license.

4.  Do you need a motorcycle license?                                                 

Not in California, but check with your state just to be sure.

5.  Is it street legal?

Completely!  It's so fun, it just feels illegal!

6.  What kind of gas mileage might I expect?

You can expect a 55% increase in fuel mileage over the original vehicle performance.  The proof of concept gets 45 mpg without even trying.  That's 45 mpg while playing... or as Carey says, "While driving it like we stole it!"

7.  Will you offer kits and turnkey vehicles?            

Yes, we will offer both kit and turnkey vehicles.  

8.  What do you expect regarding pricing?

Kits will start at an introductory price of approximately $15,000, the basic turnkey introductory pricing will start at approximately $32,000.

9.  Will there be a variety of accessories I can choose from so I can have a truly custom ride? 

Yes, we will offer a wide range of accessories and add-ons giving your RktshpTM an even more custom look.