RktshpTM Picture Gallery

Type 1.0, 2.0, 3.2


Proof of Concept Type 1.0 

The RktshpTM has been put to the test.  We've hauled boats, driven it across country, been on every twisty road we can find, taken it to the beach, the mountains, the desert and the plains. This vehicle has been everywhere imaginable and has never failed us or not met our expectations!  Did we mention this vehicle is outrageous?!

Redesign of Type 3.2:                                      

Side by side seating, it's longer and wider, and of course has body design changes giving her that tricked out look!  We can't wait to see the new one roll out!

 Three Wheeler, Trike... call it what you want...

Honda Civic engine with half the weight of a Civic... nice!


No need to hook up the nitrous, she's plenty fast!

Ah... what is this...

Towing a custom built sailing canoe... sweet!

200 mph, version 2.0, 40% scale wind tunnel model.

Some things are just too fun! 

 Even the dog loves the ride!


Low center of gravity and correct weight distribution... oolala!


We will miss the coziness of the Type 1.0!

Who says you can't take the RktshpTM anywhere?!

Kinda like having your own amusement park right in your garage...

Ready to launch!