The Mid-Engine Advantages:

You have the choice of many 4 cylinder or V-6 front wheel drive packages.

Allows for a light weight compact driveline.

A rearward weight bias improves acceleration and braking.

The engine heat and exhaust doesn’t cook your feet.

More foot room with no transmission or driveshaft.

It's quieter with the exhaust behind you

Independent rear suspension rides better with better camber control

No driveshaft tunnel means more seat/interior room.

Engine torque doesn't deform chassis.

The gas tank location is in the safest place and is at the CG so handling doesn’t change with with fuel level.

With centralized mass it's easier to turn.

With the engine behind you have great visibility.

"The career of a show-off is short."

Air Force training publication.

"This vehicle was built to perform in a safe manner.  The actual safety is dependent on the operator usage, skill and good judgment.  Circumstances beyond your control are most certainly beyond our control.  Always drive friendly." 

Carey Anderson, Anderson Dynamics

Driving Impressions...

Driving the RKTSHPTM is like... well there really is nothing to compare it with as there is nothing else like it on the road.

If you cross a motorcycle with a shifter kart, give it an automatic transmission, throw in   a little homebuilt aircraft you will get the idea of it's feel.  It dances!  It's light, supple, smooth, and violent when asked to be.  With the Honda four cylinder engine humming right behind you the healthy power supply means the more you wick it on the faster it accelerates, seemingly with out limit. 

The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, firmly and immediately without effort.  The tiller steering works almost by thought process alone.  You just point in the direction you want to go and that’s where you’re going.  The perception of speed is intensified by the seating position and wind in your face.

The ride is amazing… period. The RKTSHPTM loves to corner, and a trike that actually corners well, now that’s a treat!  Words are not enough, it has to be experienced!  This ride will increase your heart rate!  The decision to go for a ride will cause your heart to beat faster and give you a shot of adrenaline, just by thinking about it!  With every trip an adventure it’s like having an amusement park in your driveway.  This is definitely an E Ticket ride for those of you familiar with the old Disneyland days of tickets!

It's so much fun, you'd think it was illegal!

     One of the joys (or burdens) of owning a RKTSHPTM is the attention you get.  You can no longer be an anonymous person as you will rather stand out. You will become locally famous. Be prepared to smile and wave to people who you have never met. Every kid you drive by will smile and wave excitedly. Little old ladies will smile and say "That looks like so much fun!".  Soccer moms will point you out to their carload of kids, and drive like mad to get next to you, roll down their window and want to talk. People will sit and look you over until the light turns green. Cops will pull you over, check for license, registration and proof of insurance, and then want to talk for twenty minutes. Usually the cops ignore you and act like they didn't even see you, and that's OK too. When you drive around you would think the world is just happy to see you. You will have so much fun your face will hurt from grinning. It is just plain fun to drive.